The Vine BIC Church

Welcome to The Vine Church! 

We are glad you are here!

The Vine is a community of Jesus centered followers who Love God and people. 

We are ONE community of believers - both in person and on-line! 

Please join us at 10am Sunday in Smithsburg, MD or on Facebook Live at approximately 10:40am.  



What will 2024 look like for you?

Getting started in the right direction can

provide a sense of peace and hope!

Join us to regain control of your life and your future!

Let's focus on just two things – to love God first and then love the people around us!

JESUS is here and that means HOPE is here!

Join us as we gather to worship in person and on-line.

Sundays @ 10am (in person) and

Sundays @ 10:40am (Live On-Line)

1 South Main St. Smithsburg, MD 


 Connect on Facebook for our interactive live service!


We are all in need of hope!  Together, let's seek the hope that only Jesus can provide. 

When JESUS is here, HOPE is here!