The Vine Church


...I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, 
and I in them, will produce much fruit.  For apart from me you can do nothing.. John 15:5



Will you be part of this kingdom expansion for The Vine Church?

Our History 

The Vine Church was planted in 2007 from Hollowell Brethren in Christ Church.  The church began meeting at Old Forge Elementary with church planter Pastor Carlos Rosado and his wife Ruth, along with a core group of people committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Vine Community, a Brethren in Christ ministry, began looking for a place to gather in the town of Smithsburg. After praying for a place to meet, God provided a rental space on 1 S. Main Street.   The church community refurbished the space and held the first service in April 2009.

In March 2012 Pastor Carlos and his wife departed to serve the Lord in another area, and in July 2012, Pastor Mark Sewell, Ph.D. and his wife Lori joined the Vine Community. 

Upon their arrival, they began to focus on missions and sharing the gospel to all people.  They are deeply committed to reaching our community and are actively involved with serving at the New Hope Shelter, Tabitha’s Table Food Bank, and serving with the Trunk of Manna, a homeless outreach.  They are compelled to be missionally driven in word and deed. 

The Vine is a community of Jesus followers who love God and people. It is actively caring, loving, and ministering to people in Smithsburg, Maryland and the surrounding area.  As the body of Christ, we are inspired by the living and active Word of God, the Bible.  It is studied together and lived out collectively as a body.

The Vision of the church is to connect people to Jesus Christ, who is The Vine, so that they may connect to each other and the community around them in order to have a growing relationship with The Vine!

The Mission of the church is to spread the love of Christ through worship, mentoring, teaching and equipping.  We desire to be a safe place that welcomes one and all to build healing relationships with God and with each other.

The Vine is a place for YOU to connect to Jesus, be inspired by the Word of God, and to become active in caring for our community! 

 Why the need for this expansion?

During the past two years, our Leadership Team has been praying for a new facility in order to have a greater kingdom impact.  To improve this impact, we would like to have a facility that better meets the needs of our children, including a larger nursery area and multiple Sunday School classrooms.  We would also hope that the facility would accommodate carry-in community meals and activities where food preparation is possible.  In addition, the community would benefit from having on-site parking, and outdoor activity space for both young and old. 

Imagine, you are visiting for the first time and have young children and an infant.  You are encouraged by the warmth and love you feel.  Your heart is blessed through the worship and Gospel centered message.  But then you need to take your infant to the nursery only to find it is simply a four foot wide converted hall way.  When you send your children to children’s church, you become a bit concerned putting your 11 year old in the same class as your four year old.  And at that moment you feel that it’s necessary to continue your search for a church family.  Yes, these are some of the realities that exist within our current facility.   While we have been very creative in using our facility, such as having monthly love feasts (carry-in meals) with our only source of water being a small bathroom sink, the challenges create a concerning impact upon our people and visitors. 

Our Vision for the future!

We are a people committed to reaching our communities for Jesus in a relevant and practical manner!  Our hearts compel us to seek ways to foster community and to care for others by demonstrating the love and grace of Jesus.  A new facility would create new opportunities for children, youth, young adults, and men and women to connect to each other and to Jesus.  We are praying for your involvement and participation in our vision for our future.  Will you be willing to be part of this movement?  Will you be willing to take a step of faith and join in with this faith movement of God’s people?  Will you be willing to commit to praying daily for our future vision?


Our Project

In working closely with the Brethren in Christ denominational offices and with our local realtor and appraiser, we have identified and are in negotiations for a church property that is currently on the market.  (Please note the picture of people praying and also the cover picture of people inside the sanctuary).  While we are hopeful for successful negotiations, we also are open to other properties.  Our congregation and leadership team are committed to supporting this endeavor!  We are asking first for your steadfast and continual prayers.  Secondly, we are asking for your consideration for financial assistance.  100% of all financial assistance raised will be utilized for the purpose of relocation! 

Our current financial need is to have $70,000 prior to BIC funding approval.  This is a step of faith for our Vine Community. We hope to raise this initial amount by December 6, 2015!  Please consider how God will want you to be part of this grass roots community effort!  All donations would be tax deductible and should be made out to The Vine Church. 


My Prayer Covenant

I will make a prayer covenant to pray for the Vine Church and their expanded kingdom impact on a daily basis.  I will also pray that, in the name of Jesus, He will provide the necessary resources to relocate!



Name:  ______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

City/State/Zip: ________________________________

Phone(s): ____________________________________                                             

Email:  ______________________________________                 

  PO Box 163, Smithsburg, MD 21783                                                                              

By God’s grace I plan to give the following by December 6, 2015:   

$250      $500     $1,000     $2,500     $5,000   

$10,000     $15,000     Other: $ _____________

By God’s grace I plan to give the following by May 1, 2016:  

$250     $500    $1,000    $2,500    $5,000    $10,000    $15,000     Other: $ __________



Please see our PDF by clicking on our Newsletter Page