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...I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, 
and I in them, will produce much fruit.  For apart from me you can do nothing.. John 15:5


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Posted by Sheri Fraley on March 20, 2014 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (11184)

It is awesome to think about God sightings, especially knowing that He is by our side

every moment of every day. He knows our fears and our desires!! I find peace in

knowing that there is a friend that knows me to my marrow and still graces me with

His friendship!! Not too long ago I found myself in a predicament -where I could

doubt that God was with me but was also ready to go through the situation in faith

and prayer. Watching God showing up is a huge treat!! I know that sounds weird but

that’s just how it all went down!!

My mornings usually all start out the same, showers and peanut-butter and jelly

sandwiches!! Out the door to dirty drive-ways and parcels to deliver- always

wondering what I may run into today. It isn't strange for me to come across prayer

opportunities throughout my day- although I don't always listen (Jesus, please forgive

me). So every year we have inspections and counts that determine our salary until

another count comes around. Very stressful times -like nutty stressful- so I put it in

God’s hands!!! God showed up when the supervisor came with a paper to

sign and we could opt out! Thank you Lord Jesus!! You have no idea how that was a

God sighting!

Then, a couple of weeks later when the Boss came to me and said "Baltimore

called and said you have to count", my heart dropped to the floor and all the stress

came down like a ton of bricks. Ok I had to talk to my best friend Jesus real

quick!! ”What are you doing Man?? I thought you had this under control! Why am I

the only one this is happening to?" Well I started implementing all the great gifts

God has given us down here on earth- Prayer chains and friends that pray (I hope)

and fasting -or at least trying to fast!! I'm either really good at fasting and praying or I

totally mess it up beyond imagine!! I know that if I had to do a re-count it would

mean another pay-cut. But God would see me through as He has on so many


But something just kept me pushing for peace. It was the week before count and I

started to prepare myself to see God work through it, knowing God would help me. I

was in my prayer and the Word seeking His wisdom! Well, nothing was happening

and the big day was the next day! The day before the count we prepared the route

for inspection. I was literally standing there looking around at all the mail thinking

“Oh Lord this does not look good for a count”. We didn't have much mail so I was

hoping the parcels would start rolling in. I can remember thinking that many of the

stories in the Bible didn’t look good at the start either!!

I can remember saying under my breath, “Be it unto to me as your will". At that

moment there was a call into the office and my boss was saying something like, "Oh

really? You don't see Adamstown on the list? Ok I will call Baltimore." So he

proceeded to tell me he needed to call down to see if I had to count because he

heard that I was no longer on the list to be counted!! I was very excited but just

started to thank God for just taking that cup from me!! Literally, I was speaking and

talking to God as he answered. It seemed to be weeks that this was in the mix and it

only took one moment to change it all!!!

I am so thankful for God’s timing. I have a better understanding of how God wants

things done!! He is in charge and sometimes He can use situations to totally change

our prayer life and how we see God. The Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit are at work in

our daily lives! I know now that even though I'm not particularly good at fasting, the

point was that I tried! All He wants is for us to want to see Him and to actively be

involved in our daily lives!!

Thank you, Pam



Posted by Sheri Fraley on November 11, 2013 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (7)

The following are reflections from members of The Vine Church

that describe a time in their lives when God was real, and

beyond a doubt, the Author of their lives!

I had just finished a Men’s Emmaus weekend, filled with the

Holy Spirit! Then a few Sunday’s later at church I noticed that a

young couple that usually attended hadn’t shown up yet. I felt a

nudging from the Holy Spirit that something was just not right.

The need to go to that family was intense. And in obedience to

God’s prompting, I took my wife and another couple who were

prayer warriors to their home as church was beginning. We

prayed before we left to have God’s revealing of spiritual truth,

wisdom and discernment. We left church and pulled in their

driveway… we knocked on the door and the wife opened the door

in tears. She said, “ How did you know we needed prayer right


She invited us in and we sat and listened, prayed and

comforted her. They were having marital issues, and it was a time

that was a crucial turning point in their marriage. We don’t know

the whole story and probably never will, but we do know that God

prompted us to go and to share his word, his love, his comfort,

and his forgiveness.

A marriage was saved , a family restored, and the couple is

still together today! We give PRAISE TO GOD and to him alone.

God has always spoken in a still small voice and I know I have to

be obedient to his calling/nudging, because I know it has to be

very important.



Posted by Sheri Fraley on November 11, 2013 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (105)

The following are reflections from members of The Vine Church

that describe a time in their lives when God was real, and

beyond a doubt, the Author of their lives!

Writing this seems a bit difficult because I have so many stories to

share about how sincerely and lovingly God has been working in

my life since I became saved on 11/11/12. But the most impactful

I will share with my Christian family . I became engaged to my

fiancé in June of this year. Our wedding had been planned for

September., a day that has since passed. And the day we did not

get married.

There have been some trials for us to work through together with

God before we bind ourselves in a marriage led by Him. Prior to

making these decisions we prayed fervently. Many people were

praying for us and our relationship. There was a point where we

both wanted to run, and very fast, not towards each other as God


One evening, when I was having a heart to heart with God, He

revealed to me something that seemed like an impossible burden

to bear. He revealed that I was to stand beside my fiancé through

what was necessary to heal our relationship because he had big

things planned for both of us. My response. Was to argued with

him. Yes, I argued with God. He was laying on my heart

something that my worldly viewpoints and pride wanted to

completely ignore.

During a conversation with Pastor Mark I asked a question I knew

the answer to but just needed to hear. “So I’m supposed to listen,

right? If he lays on my heart a specific command and without a

doubt I know this is what he wants, I have to listen ?” The answer

is yes. There are plenty of stories in the bible referring to people

that disobeyed God’s direct commands and what happened as a


So after I got over myself and my pride, and stopped arguing with

the one I know to be purely 100% seeking my heart for His

kingdom, I submitted to my life circumstance. It’s not easy,but it

is so worth it! Some days are better than others. But I know

without a doubt that I am following what God wants of me and

what he wants for my life. And my soul rests in this knowledge.

The understanding that he is leading the way for my life gives me

a peace that seems indescribable most times. Selena


Posted by Sheri Fraley on November 11, 2013 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (9)

The following are reflections from members of The Vine Church

that describe a time in their lives when God was real, and

beyond a doubt, the Author of their lives!

I am a member of The Vine Church in Smithsburg, Maryland, and I

am going to share one of many life storms I have faced with God’s

Grace. In January 2010 I had to move out of my daughter’s home

due to family issues. At this point in time my friends Ida, Linda,

Pastor Carlos, and his wife Ruth, helped me move back to

Smithsburg. Pastor Carlos and the church board were able to help

me get a temporary apartment above the church. Around May of

2010, the owner of the apartment building wanted to know if I

was staying, which of course I could not do because I was on

unemployment at the time. Needless to say I was facing the

unknown in my life.

During those last few weeks I was calling The Salvation Army and

the New Hope Shelter to check on availability. I know without a

doubt that God was with me during this life storm. I whole

heartedly trusted Him as I was facing the unknown.

One message The Vine’s former pastor Carlos shared with us was

to ”count it all joy” when going through difficult times.

James1:1-4, “My brethren, count it all Joy when you fall into

various trials. Knowing that the testing of your faith produces

patience, but let patience have its perfect work and that you may

be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”

So with God’s presence and His Grace, I faced going to the New

Hope Shelter in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania on May 28, 2010.

With my faith and trust in God He later provided an apartment for

me in Waynesboro, and I moved into my new home on January

20, 2011.



Posted by Sheri Fraley on November 11, 2013 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (17)

The following are reflections from members of The Vine Church

that describe a time in their lives when God was real, and

beyond a doubt, the Author of their lives!

Twenty seven years ago on July 4 , God kept His promise to

take care of our daughter, Sara, for eternity. During her short

three week life, we spent most of our time with her at the NICU

in Walter Reed. During one of those times I believe I saw Jesus

standing outside of the NICU looking at us. I know that He was

telling us that everything would be alright. Although I wanted

Sara to stay with us longer, Jesus gave me assurance that He

would take care of her, and that He would comfort us through

our grief.

Less than a year later, our first son, Adam, was born. And four

years later, on July 4 , our second son, Aaron, was a born. God

completed our family with our two wonderful sons! He took at

time of sorrow and turned it into a time of joy! Every day He

gives us the hope of seeing our daughter, Sara, again! Praise

God for being real to our family!

Pastor Mark and Lori